cheap furla bags


 Highlight the combination of light and shadows, strengthen the application of warm tones, outlined the background to simple and refined lines. Mix a natural shadows and soft tones remind one of Manor within the ubiquitous wooden paneling.

France model Maud Le Fort interpretation of the new season in the spotlight series Candy candy bags as well as color soft leather handbag, generous interpretation of sophisticated mature without losing the natural charm of contemporary women.
Aesthetic perspective of this large diversity of the ad showing a brand exclusive jewelry collection arising from the touching beauty, not only represents the qualities of the product is a combination of elegance and functionality, is an important symbol of brand, playing out each part of the fashion attitudes.
Furla has always been adhering to the classic elements of beauty, art, the pursuit of high quality permeates her creative process every time. "Creativity comes from Italy" title also reflects Italy handicrafts with the perfect balance of creativity and fusion, showing the Furla's unique brand style.
In order to render Italy handmade and brand characteristics of creative fusion of art, Furla has always insisted in recent years to cooperate with the world fashion circle in the top creative people, aimed at the full interpretation of the Furla brand spirit, as well as sources of inspiration in the latest series.
This advertising area of addition and The Room Marton Perlaki, co-founder and Director of the magazine addition to cooperation Dan Pintu Furla spring/summer 2014 directory are world famous France PhilippeLaCombe static photographer Zhang Jing.